Is flutter faster than react native?

Any idea about Is flutter faster than react native?

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@Mathew Flutter is much faster than react native because react native uses bridge and native components which requires separate optimization whereas flutter doesn’t require them.


We can’t come to any conclusion straightway which on better or not .

Yes flutter looks great option of hybrid app development and future looking very bright too as it backed by Google.

React native is still great with performance and it’s in market from very long time so stable too and backed by Facebook too so it’s not going away anytime soon out of market .

In latest GitHub now flutter has more Star than React native and they surpass then within 2 years so overall flutter look like wining race in coming 2-3 year.

When comparing Flutter vs. React Native performance, you can’t skip that RN needs a JS bridge to interact with native elements. Flutter’s Dart compiles its code faster than the Javascript V8’s engine. So it can display animations at 60 or 120 fps on devices that support it. Read this article to learn about other difference between Flutter and React Native:

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